Thursday, January 24

More Woes for Kwame

Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick now has something in common with Bill Clinton. Both perjured themselves by lying under oath about sex. In Kwame's case, it was to deny having 'sexual relations' with his chief of staff, Christine Beatty. (at least he wasn't preying on interns...)

Before libs start screaming about his 'personal life,' let's remember that this testimony was in a suit filed by police officers who knew about Kwame's affairs and other illicit activities of his staff, and were fired because they weren't compliant enough for Kwame. The mayor claimed their firing had nothing to do with all the dirt they revealed on him and his administration, but a jury thought differently, awarding them a $9 million settlement that the city of Detroit can ill afford to pay. So in this case, Kwame's 'personal life' is costing a very cash-strapped city dearly.