Thursday, May 17

In Enemy Territory

That's right. I'm in Chicago this week. Can't wait to get out to a sports bar to cheer on our Pistons!!! Bout time to bring back that Deeeeeeetrrrroooiiit baaaasketballlll!!!! Put da Bulls out in their own building! I'm going to make lots of friends tonight...

Of course, finding a bar where I can also see the Wings game might be challenging. We have a great opportunity with Pronger out to take a more commanding lead in the series against that team from California that shouldn't be allowed to exist.

(Did everyone see Pronger's cheap shot on Homer in Game 3? I'm thinking (most indignantly) - isn't that why we got Bertuzzi!?!! Pronger should've been made to pay for that by more than a measely one game suspension - that might have discouraged similiar attacks on our key players going forward in the playoffs. Where is Eddie Shore? What happened to old time hockey??? What would Gordie say? I was appalled.)

UPDATE: The Wings never got it together, but our Pistons sure did!!! And I was reminded of something I realized when here for a Tigers-Cubs game last summer - half of this city is populated by transplants from Michigan. I think we should annex Chicago...

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