Thursday, May 3

A good old-fashioned Wings comeback

SO glad I stayed up til 2:00 last night, even if I can hardly keep my eyes open or function now... After being down 2-0 (again), the Wings pulled off an amazing comeback. Homer scores with 5 seconds left in the second, giving us the mo going into the third period. For once a jinx went my way - with a minute left in the game I was yelling at Babcock through the TV - oh, sure, let's just put Lang out there - evidently we want to lose the game! Great move - let's just give up and throw Lang on the ice... and then Lang scored with 30 seconds left.

The Wings played a great game - they dominated the majority of that game and deserved to win. (shots on goal -49 for the Wings, 27 for the Sharks) We saw more puck control, hustle and plain hard work paying off. Hasek kept us in the game with some huge saves. The Sharks can say what they want about how they "blew it," but they plain got outplayed for most of the game and didn't deserve to win.

With about 5 minutes left in the first OT, San Jose took a penalty for clearing the puck over the glass in their end. (The reffs didn't want to give us the power play, but luckily they had no choice; I'm convinced they would have given the Sharks three more power plays before giving us one, but that's another story) The Sharks tried to clear their zone, Schneider jumps up to catch the puck, throws it down and takes the shot... and just like that, the series is tied 2-2. What a game!!! Go Wings!!!!

In other, totally unrelated news - congrats to our Flint Town hero, Lakisha - making American Idol's final four!

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