Wednesday, May 2

Europeans are fat, too

Apparently, Germans are the fattest, but 50% of ALL Europeans are overweight. You know what this means??? We're trendsetters! And they can't condescend to America about being fat anymore.

In other news, what is the obsession with Knut?? First I thought it was just Drudge, but then I saw a whole special on ABC about him. Aside from sharing a name with one of -if not THE- greatest football coaches of all time, I'm not sure where the craze stems from...

And how 'bout that nasty French socialist beeezzzatch? This Sarkozy guy is getting the Bush-treatment for daring to believe capitalism can take the lazy French out of their economic decline and unemployment woes... (Sacre bleu! He might make us work 38 hours a week??? Mon Dieu!!!)

As a tough Interior Minister until last month, the ambitious Mr Sarkozy earned the dislike of many young people — especially those from the immigrant ghettos. His doctrines of radical economic reform and individual responsibility — never before aired by a senior French politician — have been welcomed by many as a revolution, but cast by opponents as divisive, cruel and unFrench.

Ahhhh, the French! Good luck to Mr. Sarkozy and to France!

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