Monday, May 21


..for brains. Yes, I'm talking about Jimmah Carter. In a desperate attempt to make us forget the Iranian hostage crisis, the worst inflation rates in our history, and the newly-coined "stagflation"of his brief tenure in the White House, the peanut farmer is at it again. Yes, that's right, he's bashing our current president.

(On another note, what he had to say about Tony Blair was utterly insulting; Carter owes him an apology. I hope that none of our other world allies will let Carter's opinion of them sway their support for us ... ha!)

For the record, Jimmah Carter was the worst president of the 20th century. Yes, even worse than Nixon. (Admit, if Nixon had been a Democrat, the media outrage and consequences of Whitewater would have been about the same as the consequences for Sandy Berger stuffing classified documents down his pants.)

For Carter to say that the world view of America now is even close to as bad as it was during his pathetic time as our president is laughable, at best. Personally, it just leaves me with a great sense of malaise.

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