Wednesday, May 23

A Piece of Sh*t

That's what House minority leader John Boehner calls this latest McCain-Kennedy Amnesty - I mean "immigration" - bill.

Someone needs to ask McCain if he's running in the Republican or Democrat primary - I get confused...

And Bush- having to go to Democrats to get something passed? Well, Reagan got an amnesty bill passed, too - one of the only things I think he screwed up - it led to millions more pouring across our borders because it sent the message that you can do it and WE WON'T KICK YOU OUT.

What is the motivation for ANYONE to go through the Legal process, when we tell them ahead of time there will be no consequences for breaking the law?

It's illegal to steal - we'd really like you to return that necklace you stole. But if you decide to rob us again, that's OK, we won't prosecute you...

The idea goes against core Republican philosophy - we do not reward people for breaking the law. I don't care if they're Mexican, if they're green, purple or pink. What I do care about is that we have a country here and it has laws and if you want to live here, you should follow the laws just like I do. And you should have certain requirements to obtain citizenship to this great country. And we have NO OBLIGATION to accept every Tom, Dick and Harry, (or even every Jose, Guillermo, or Mamoud) that wants to live here.

This is ridiculous. Hasn't McCain learned anything from Bush? The last Republican-Kennedy team I can think of was the Bush-Kennedy education bill at the beginning of his first term. One minute they were shaking hands, the next Kennedy was blathering about what an evil liar Bush is. Yeah, he's a great one to work with! And so well-respected everywhere outside of Massachusetts! (Yes, that last line was meant to be sarcastic)

NewMax has a poll going to get your opinion - let's give Congress the message that this Amnesty bill is not acceptable.

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