Wednesday, May 23

Hockeytown Mourns

Great article by Mitch Album sums up the Wings playoff run, which ended last night with a flourish in our 4-3 loss to that team named after a Disney movie.

I was at the game Sunday and knew the season was over with that tying goal late in the 3rd that we gave up. Too many opportunities throughout this series that we just couldn't capitalize on.

It's a shame; we're used to winning Cups around here. Still, with our #2 and (supposed) #3 defensemen out with injuries, Bertuzzi still too out-of-shape/not-fully-recovered to make a difference, and that damned salary cap denying us our glory rosters of old, the Wings still made a great run of it. I'm proud of them, and willing to give them their props for a good season and a respectable finish. Mind you, next year I won't be so generous. I want another Cup.

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