Tuesday, May 8

Playoff Update

The Wings beat the Sharks 2-0 last night to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Sure the game might have been a little boring, but it got the job done. (Ironically, it was the reverse of Game 1 - this time the Wings scored 2 in the first period and hung onto the lead all game.)

Now we face the Ducks (formerly the Mighty Ducks, who in my opinion should not even exist, despite their attempt at credibility dropping the Disney-inspired full name). Of course most "experts" are picking the Ducks to win (haven't they learned anything???), but some of them are coming around.

Last round, I don't know what I was hoping for with Vancouver, but the rest of my picks were right on.

For the Conference Finals I'm picking the Wings in 6 and the Senators in 7.

On another note - can someone remind the Bulls that this is not the NIT tournament.