Tuesday, August 15


I saw this headline about profiling on Drudge and thought --yea! We're finally using our common sense for airline screening. But no, it was in Britain. Apparently, we're going to continue to be blinded by political correctness and sensitivities. I really hope we're glad that we cared so much about offending people the next time there's an incident on an airplane.

Clearly, profiling Muslims would inconvenience some good Americans. Yet it's foolish to turn a blind eye to the fact that every terrorist and suspected terrorist with the goal of attacking Americans in the last 35 years has been Muslim. If they were Chinese or Irish, I would be in favor or profiling them. It's not about prejudice, it's about common sense. And just about every American, Republican and Democrat, agrees with me on this. My 80-year-old grandma shouldn't be randomly selected for an extra security check. A young blonde girl shouldn't be banned from bringing her hand lotion or contact solution on the plane with her. It's stupid.

UPDATE-- Just in case you're still unsure about profiling, take this great quiz on ExPreacherman's site...

Moving on, I'm most disappointed with the way things have turned out for Israel. What was the fighting for? All of that tough talk and support that we initially gave them --what happened to that? Now all of a sudden Bush and Condi are supportive of this ridiculous, toothless U.N. resolution?? When has one of those ever worked?

To summarize --Iran and Syria have provided arms to Hezbollah; the Israelis were no doubt surprised by the extent of the terrorists' weapons. Now there is a cease fire called and all the freaks in Iran, Syria and Lebanon are celebrating their "victory." And why have they stopped fighting? I don't see any provisions in the UN resolution to return the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers. I don't see any provisions for disarming Hezbollah. In fact, the Lebanese government is now saying that they have no plans to disarm Hezbollah.

So our brilliant plan is to put a U.N. force consisting of some fierce French soldiers (wow, those French are tough), Italians, Turks, and I can't remember who else in southern Lebanon. Exactly what they'll be doing there is beyond me, since again, there is nothing in the resolution about disarming Hezbollah. So apparently, the U.S. is now OK with allowing a terrorist militia to remain in Lebanon and run things. I wonder how long it will take them to set up another 200 rockets aimed at Israel.

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