Friday, August 11


Despite liberal delusions that we have nothing to fear from terrorists or anyone here in America...

More wannabe Islamo terrorists arrested buying up disposable cell phones at Wall Mart --this time they were from Texas, but buying the phones in mid Michigan...

More wannabe Islamo terrorists arrested in West Virginia buying up disposable cell phones, along with those from Ohio...

These men were naturalized or true U.S. citizens. But I don't think our government has the right to listen to any of their phone calls, do you? As Pinko says below, we just can't let their civil rights be violated like that!

BTW- It looks like U.S. intelligence officials actually picked up chatter from suspected terrorists that helped the British with their bust of this heinous plot of mass murder. That might be well and good, but I certainly agree with Democrats that the civil liberties of terrorist suspects is worth far more than the thousands of lives saved by uncovering this plot. And I wonder during all of the time that the British were monitoring these terror suspects, if they had all of the proper warrants, etc.

Now as a note of caution to our liberal readers --before you start on about theory and civil rights in our comments section, take a minute to theorize about waking up next Wednesday to the news that 9 airlines carrying 400-500 passengers each have been blown up over the Atlantic.

Priorities, that's all I can say.

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