Monday, August 7

Agenda Driven MSM

As if we needed another example of the left-wing agenda of the MSM, Reuters obliges us.

If they were really just there to report the news, why would they need to doctor this photograph to make the damage look worse?

Reuters has admitted the photo was doctored, as has this one of an Israeli fighter jet.

It's hard enough fighting a war against Islamist terrorist freaks without members of the MSM helping them out.

Can you imagine trying to win WWII under such conditions? Forget all of the American propeganda the government put out through the media at the time, forget how everyone in Hollywood was actually behind the war effort and made patriotic films --forget the national unity. Now let's imagine the NYT and other papers are putting up doctored photos with captions like "40 Innocent German children die after American bombing." Do you even think for a second we could have dropped the bombs to end that war if the climate were even slightly like it is out there now? At least then, the world was clear who the enemy was.

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