Wednesday, September 7

Stand proud, oh great Americans. Don't let the MSM and blame-gamers get you down!

The rescue and recovery effort is ongoing, there are people out there seperated from their loved ones, worried sick, devestated by all that they've lost...

...and how long did it take the liberals to start blaming Bush for this? If Bush would have parachutted out of a fighter jet into the eye of the storm and landed in New Orleans during the hurricane, waved his magic wand and made the levees solidify and grow ten feet, they STILL would have found something to blame him for! This is disgusting and it is ridiculous.

And they call Bush devisive? Perhaps if they didn't try to blame him for every single world problem, maybe the country would have a chance to unify. The only thing devisive about Bush is that which is created by these whacky liberals who have not stopped attacking him since the 2000 election --they rile up the looney lefties with their ridiculous accusations and conspiracy theories and make typical peace-minded conservatives jump in anger to his defense.

But at least the American people aren't as stupid as the MSM thinks we are...

A recent CNN/USA Today Gallup poll revealed that only 13% of people surveyed think Bush is mostly responsible for this. These are the looney lefties here, folks. The ones that believe Halliburton and Karl Rove had a massive wind and rain generating machine off the coast of Africa that created the hurricane and then steered it straight to New Orleans because there are a lot of poor African Americans there that the government wants to wipe out. They are NEVER going to approve of anything President Bush does.

But, thankfully, most of America is not that crazy. We understand the law and the realities of disasters. We know that President Bush not signing Kyoto didn't make "global warming" happen in the last five years. We also know that Karl Rove didn't hire the developers who cut down some wetlands around New Orleans that might or might not have helped a levee built to withstand a catagory 3 hurricane survive a catagory 4 or 5. We know that the federal government cannot go in to help in an emergency until the local officials ask them to.

So enough for a minute about the blame game and wacky liberals. I'd like to talk about how proud I am to be an American. We always rise to the occasion and show our true spirit in the face of peril and disaster --it's always been that way. Sure we like to bicker amongst ourselves, we all have different beliefs and cultures. But Americans look out for others when they need it. It happened after 9/11, it happened after the Tsunami, and it is happening right now after Katrina. Immediately after the storm and flood, Americans have been opening their wallets, pouring money and supplies to the hurricane victims. Doctors, policemen and others from all over the country have headed south to help out. People from all over are actually opening their homes to the hurricane victims --here, we can't do much financially, but you can come live with us until you're back on your feet. We'll house and feed you and do what we can. That is the American spirt. And I am proud of my fellow countrymen.

We will help the victims of Katrina, we will rebuild New Orleans. We'll rebuild the Alabama and Mississippi coasts. Because we're Americans.

Update from The Patriotette: Just found this little item - a roundup of the stupidity surrounding this tragedy. Enjoy!

Hee. Another update 9/9/05: Kanye West gets booed at the NFL game pre-show. (via Drudge)

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