Friday, September 30

The Big 10 Dillema

I agree I'm having a hard time getting riled up about the news lately --we all knew someone was going to charge Tom DeLay with something sooner or later. That's great about Judge Roberts --no big surprises there.

But we need to get our priorities straight for the weekend --we are right in the middle of college football season; the world is good.

The dilemma for me is who to route for in the big game this weekend --Michigan or State? Since my alma mater is located in the heart of American's last great bastion of liberal strength-- in the home state of "The Swimmer" and John Kerry themselves, they did not see the need as a major university to retain their football program. (Do we need any further example that Massachusetts should be annexed to France?) Therefore, I have to be a surrogate fan.

Now, I've always been more of a Michigan fan. Their football players tend to have less trouble with the law and have more time out of rehab for things like class and practicing. And the Michigan fan is only condescending, as opposed to overtly obnoxious. State does have better tailgating, though. And that's what's most important to the average State fan anyway, right?

Now being a Michigan fan, I've always routed for Michigan in this battle of the Big 10 inter-state rivalry. But this year, Michigan's Bowl hopes appear to be up in smoke like a Michigan State player after the game. Unfortunately, they're not even ranked in the top 25. Whereas State is having a hot season, they've got some great players, a great QB, and actually have a shot to go somewhere this year. So, wanting to see at least one team from the great state of Michigan go to a bowl game this year, I've got--to--route--for--State. Whew! That was difficult to write. I feel like I'm betraying my Michigan friends. And part of me would secretly like to see State's season ruined (as they have ruined excellant Michigan seasons in the past). But I've got to go for state pride on this one. Hey, at least it's a home game --if they win, the only field they can stick their stupid flag in the middle of is their own stinkin' turf.

More importantly, the Irish take on Purdue Saturday night, 7:45 p.m. For the record, I've been a Notre Dame fan since I saw my first football game (ever) at Notre Dame when I was 12. Go Irish!!!

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