Tuesday, November 20

Holiday Week Updates

Here's some news to add to the holiday cheer - more evidence that the surge is working. Most surprising is that this story comes from the NY Times...

In other news - finally, something Republicans and Democrats can agree on: Congress stinks.

God bless and good luck to anyone traveling for the holidays this week...

And in local news...

The cops will be worse than usual this holiday week - find out where they are and avoid. (or, ya know, just wear your seatbelt and don't speed -but what fun is that??)

Also - I know this is a couple years old now, but how exciting is it that we actually have a tree downtown Detroit? You know --like a real city... AND an outdoor ice rink - and we're not talking some little pond like Rockefeller center - you can move at this rink!

And don't forget about Rochester's Lagniappe - one of my favorite nights - and the 'Big Bright Light Show' that lasts from Lagniappe through New Year's...

And despite our jaded contemputous love for our team, Green Bay better look out this Thursday! GO LIONS!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Eat meat.

Love, the Conservababes

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