Friday, November 9

Hollywood, Befuddled

If you want another example of how out-of-touch Hollywood is to mainstream America...

Listen to what Hollywood and their friends in the MSM attribute the abysmal failure of anti-war Iraq/post 9-11 movies to:

"These movies have to be entertaining," Harris told AFP. "You can't just take a movie and make it anti-war or anti-torture and expect to draw people in.... And it's just too close to home. The Vietnam war movies didn't start until long after the war was over."

"But here for the first time you're seeing things that you're reading about in the newspaper or seeing on television in movie theatres. I'm not sure that's something that people want. A lot of people go to the movies to escape."


According to Gitesh Pandya, an analyst with website, cinema-goers were unenthusiastic about spending money for movies about subjects they see on television at no cost.


<>Veteran television producer Steven Bochco, whose 2005 television series "Over There" about a platoon of soldiers fighting in Iraq ended after just one season, said it was hard to engage audiences in a "hugely unpopular war."

"TV is fully saturated with this war and I don't know if you can do a serious drama about this war and locate any angle that would overcome the negativity about it," he told the New York daily Newsday.

Iraq films remain a difficult sell for audiences because of the swirl of confusion surrounding the rights and wrongs of the conflict, he added.

You know, WWII was pretty 'close to home' as well, but people still went to see those movies during the war years. Maybe they were more successful because in those movies, Americans were protrayed as the GOOD GUYS. Just a thought.

Oh, and as far as that 'swirl of confusion' - maybe a movie about the pick-your-thousandth Iraqi girl saved by an American soldier story would have been a bigger draw than a film about a token atrocity??? Ya think???


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