Thursday, April 19

Partial Birth abortion banned!

Since I'm a member of the "anti-choice" right-wing conspiracy, I am thrilled that they have outlawed the practice of starting to give birth to a healthy baby then sucking out its brains before it can see the light of day. I'm of course against all types of baby-torture, including the practice of using a vacuum to dismember said baby while it's still in what's supposed to be the safe, warm womb.

However, I have a question that I'm hoping our more intelligent and rational readers can answer. I want to know why partial birth is even an issue - or why in the name of all that's holy it's even used at all.

A "full term" pregnancy lasts 37-40 weeks. Preemies can survive as young as 22 weeks - and sometimes even earlier now that new technologies are emerging.

The last trimester (where a "partial birth" abortion would happen) starts between 25 - 28 weeks. So. Here's my question. Can't the baby be "birthed" and then sent to the NICU instead of murdered? By the third trimester, the baby's chance of survival outside the womb is pretty high. If it was ME, and I had to make a life-or-death decision in my third trimester, I would at least TRY to give my child a chance instead of sucking out it's brains. But that's just me.

Also, the anti-life left is screeching about "mother's health! Mother's health!". By 25 weeks, I gotta believe that any problems would have manifested itself long before then. I've heard people caterwauling about the hypothetical situation where a mom in her third trimester finds out she has breast cancer and has to have chemo which would harm her "fetus". (by 22 weeks, the child can survive outside the womb, so I would call it a "baby", but again, that's just me.) So that's why she sucks her baby's brains out and kills it. I say - take the baby out by any means possible and give it a chance to survive in an incubator.

But that's just me.

p.s. I wasn't this staunchly pro-life until my serendipidous accident - my beautiful baby girl - was born. Which is why I am horrified by the inhumanity of people like Hillary Clinton - who has a baby girl - that support killing children.

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