Wednesday, April 4

Denial at it's most dangerous

If you thought Chamberlin was bad denying Hitler's true intentions prior to WWII, I give you the United States Democrat party. The House Armed Services Committee has now banned the phrase "global war on terror." It also can't be called a "long war."

This latest act is just a further demonstration that the Democrats do not comprehend the threat terrorism poses to our country, nor do they feel the need to combat it. They never have believed the war in Iraq is part of the larger war on terror, chalking everying up to sectarian violence and ignoring the al queada terrorists and Iranian-backed goons pouring across the Iraqi borders (as opposed to, say, the American borders) to fight us. It's sad. I can only hope that going forward we continue to elect leaders like Reagan and Bush who are not afraid to fight legitimate threats to our national security.

My favorite Republican reaction to this ridiculous ban:

“If you are a reader of the Harry Potter books, you might describe this as the war that must not be named,” said another Republican aide.

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