Monday, April 9

Wings Look to Break First Round Jinx

The most exciting sport in the world - NHL playoff hockey - is about to commence this week. The Wings take on the Flames in round one. Historically, the Wings either win the Stanley Cup or get bumped out in the first round - this year it's anybody's guess. They have the potential to win, better this year than the last few so long as Zetterberg is healthy and absolutely, under no circumstances EVER does Niklas Lidstrom miss a game again. Luckily, OT shootouts don't apply to the playoffs.

Random Trivia- The Calgary Flames were originally an expansion team in Atlanta ('72-80). Their name derives from Sherman's famous burning of Atlanta during the Civil War. Hopefully they will fall like Atlanta this round...

Game 1 - Thursday, 7 p.m. - Look for the octopi to fly at the Joe.

Go Wings!!!

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