Thursday, April 12

One Down, Three to Go

Unfortunately I just made it home in time to see that little scrum at the end (refs - let them go!), but missed the Wings whooping the Flames 4-1 in their first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. In my experience, 1 out of every 57 flights leaves LaGuardia in the general proximity of their scheduled departure time... but I digress. I did see the highlights, and the Wings looked great. They came out hitting, they came out looking like they meant it - something they've been lacking in recent playoff history. Datsyuk and Zetterberg looked great; Lidstrom scored; Bertuzzi didn't play, but we didn't need him. He'll be a nice addition when he returns to the lineup, but we're just fine without him. Still a long way to go. Calgary has some talent and lots of grit and they have an amazing home record - should be a great series.

(BTW- Did anyone see Malkin hosting O'Reilly tonight??? She ROCKS!!!)

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