Tuesday, April 17

A Hero Amid the Chaos

Do you ever sometimes wonder when you hear about other peoples suffering - why me? Why am I so lucky? Why did so-and-so lose their mom to cancer, but I still have mine? Why did so-and-so's brother die in that car accident, but I'm still blessed with mine?

You can imagine that many of the people involved in this Virginia Tech tragedy will suffer from similiar survivors' guilt - why did those people have to die while I made it out?

Can you imagine the survivors' guilt Holocost survivors like Prof. Liviu Librescue may have felt? How many times do you think he wondered - why me? He went on to marry, father children, and teach hundreds of students who passed through Virginia Tech in the last 20 years. His final act was to hold the door to his classroom shut so that his students could escape out the window. He was eventually shot through the door. He died a hero, saving the lives of his students.

Next time you find yourself in that "why me" mode - either counting your blessings or your burdens, remember that God has His intentions for you. Your life is what you make of it, who you help, how you treat others, what you accomplish. When it's your time to go, it's your time to go and only God can determine that.

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