Tuesday, April 17

Possible connection...

..to the "religion of peace?" As reported on Atlas Shrugs, the evil VT murderer signed his note with the same signature he had in red ink on his arm - "Ismail Ax."

I am not making this an issue about Islam, the killer did that for us. Not sure yet what, if any, significance this holds.

UPDATE: The more you hear about this sick individual, the more it looks like he was just a complete nut. His intention with the "Ismail Ax" could very well have just been to scare us in light of the threat we're under from Islamic facists the world over.

In the below post "Senseless" I gave my two cents about the culture of violence in entertainment and how it could possibly play into tragic occurances such as this. Now police are saying that this sicko was apparently copying scenes from a movie. I think we should re-evaluate if this type of senseless, violent entertainment is necessary... I don't believe in censorship, but if these types of films tank at the box office, they will cease to be made. It's up to us.

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