Monday, April 3

Monday musings about movies.

Once again, the movies that America wants to see amount to movies we can take our children to without squirming.

Should it speak to Hollywood that Ice Age: The Meltdown is #1 at the box office while Sharon Stone's desperate attempt at a comeback...I mean Basic Instinct 2 is #9?

It should...but it won't. The Passion was the highest-grossing movie ever, and was ignored by the Hollywood "elites". Narnia? Ignored again. If the movie execs weren't so coked out and oblivious, maybe they'd notice that it's the wholesome, fun, feel-good movies that people want to see. From the article:
Ice Age: The Meltdown stands as the second-heftiest start on record for a non-summer, non-holiday release, behind The Passion of the Christ, and it was on par with the openings of The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, nearly doubling Blue Sky's last effort, Robots. The first Ice Age gathered $46.3 million in its debut weekend at 3,316 theaters on course to a $176.4 million final tally.

Dang it, I want to see Ice Age 2, too! I've seen the first one a hundred times. I'm like a twelve-year old with that movie. Same with Shrek, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

Yes, I'm a 30someodd woman, but I could watch those movies over and over and over. I have yet to see Robots, and I WILL drag my dad to see that new one...Cars? It's the one with the truck that has the super obvious redneck accent? The only movie in this genre that I haven't been too thrilled about recently is "Madagascar". But I've only seen it once, so maybe I haven't fully appreciated it yet.

UPDATE: It's all Bush's fault that Basic Instinct flopped. Of course it is.

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