Friday, March 31

Culture of Violence

What would you do if say, the security guard at your office building wouldn't let you through the door without swiping your ID badge? If the first thought that came to mind was "I'd slap them," then you have something in common with Democratic House Rep. Cynthia McKinney. (only in her case, it was a metal detector and an actual police office who she slapped)

So let me get this straight --first the Democrats come out with a national security plan that is both smart AND tough and now they're slapping police officers. This is clearly evidence of the Democrats' culture of violence.

(remember that phrase --get it out during interviews with the press or any political-related discussions!)

UPDATE: Here we go. I knew it wouldn't take long for the race card to be played. McKinney's lawyer says that she was "just a victim of being in Congress while black." Really? Because I'm thinking, black or white, had she not been in Congress, her butt would have been instantly arrested and sitting in jail right now for being STUPID enough to slap a police officer.

McKinney was quoted saying:
“That’s just typical of the type of treatment I receive. It’s typical. So, I’m not surprised and I’m not offended,” McKinney said in the film. “Okay. Thank you. Some things never change."

Oh, poor you. Seeing as I'd be in jail right now for doing what you did, my sympathy doesn't extend that far.

But at the end of the day, remember folks --it's not a big deal. If she was a Republican, then it would be a big deal. She'd probably be called a lying, racist, bigot, homophobe, too. But she's a Democrat, so it's "no big deal."

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