Friday, March 31

The New York Times takes on Prayer.

Well, that does it.

The New York Times says prayer doesn't work. Wonder what I've been doing all these years since the NYT - the prescient newspaper of America as we all know - says it's futile. Guess I should just stop praying, then.

That's sarcasm, of course. What do these idiots think. That prayer is like some kind of magic spell? Something scientific that they can study and decide whether or not it "works" or not? Do you think they for one second thought about that abstract issue of "God's will"? No, of course not. They had some "scientists" with nothing better to do divide people up into groups. Some people got prayed for some people didn't. The ones being prayed for didn't immediately jump up from their hospital beds and start doing the samba...therefore prayer doesn't work.

Horsepucky. "God" is such a huge, abstract and personal thing - how do they think they can measure it? I can almost understand someone thinking "hm. I wonder if we can actually MEASURE the power of prayer". But to not only go through with some stupid "experiment" - but to PUBLISH it in the NYT as fact? Are these people insane?

The answer, my friends, is yes. Yes, they are.
Next they're going to run around saying they've scientifically proven that God doesn't exist. Oh, wait. They've done that already.

One of my favorite lines from a move is from "Contact" (dumb movie with Jodi Foster and Matthew McCoughilly or however you spell his name). Jodi Foster is an agnostic and asks Matt's character - a priest - to prove the existence of God. Matt's character says "did your father love you? " Jodi's character of course says "of course". Matt's character then says "prove it".

Faith is the belief in the unseen. God exists, alright. He can't be measured or studied or seen, but he exists. Ask any Christian to tell you a story about a prayer that God answered or a situation where God intervened in a real way...and you'll know he exists, too.

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