Friday, March 31


The party that's calling for "no war" and "peace" and "group hugs" has produced the following comment on the Huffington Post. (and I've read many, many similar quotes at Democratic Underground and Kos as well - this is far from an anomaly. Emphasis added by moi.)

I think it is about time we start talking about a violent overthrow of our government. Is political assassination really out of the question? I have always been a non-violent person, but things are getting out of hand. How about some domestic terrorism? America is a blight on the world community, and I think that rational well-intentioned people should start thinking about doing something before our government gets us all killed. It's not just politics. Our economic system perpetuates a greed that will destroy us. The market assumes that we will all act in our own self-interests, so we shouldn't be shocked when corporations fight regulations that seem to make perfect sense. No one wants the world to die as global warming reaches a tipping point, but no one wants to pay the financial price necessary to stop it. Eco terrorism may be our only way out. Kill the corporations; Kill the government; Save the planet. Be on the right side of history. Viva la revolucion!" -- Soymda, A Commenter At The Huffington Post

(thanks to Right Wing News)

Update: For a voice of reason, please go check out Grandaddy Long Legs' very link-heavy and researched post entitled "What if Bush Didn't Lie?" You won't regret it.

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