Thursday, March 30

Random Detroit stuff.

I stumbled upon some very interesting websites dedicated to our great city and some of the sadly beautiful sights and buildings around town.

It fascinates me to see our beautiful architecture (yes, we have gorgeous buildings) in disrepair, covered in graffiti and left to rot. You see it all over the city - once-loved buildings falling apart, literally, before your eyes.

Anyway, if you're interested in all at stunning architecture and/or the great city of Detroit, take a look!

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit - great site for a tour of some of the more recognizable buildings (for Detroiters, that is)

Detroit Funk - inside views of some of the abandoned towers and office buildings. Very cool. Also a pretty extensive photo essay of the Detroit Zoo that our lovely Mayor might let go the way of Tiger Stadium. (let's hope not)

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