Tuesday, March 28

Black Tuesday


Since I work for a "supplier" of the General, I get to hear all the meaningless platitudes by upper management talking about how this could be a "good thing in the end" and how they're "positive" about the future.

Sure, if they can get their collective overpaid, overinflated heads out of their collective butts, maybe. BIG "maybe".

This is the same mismanaged company who can't design a decent car to save their lives. (Aztek, anyone? HHR? Does anyone think they missed the boat on the whole HHR thing? Looks like they're a bit late to compete with the success of the PT Cruiser, don't you think?) This same company who for years hasn't been able to keep up with the new and cool - not to mention well-made - designs coming out of Chrysler and foreign automakers. (Ford isn't exactly doing a stellar job either, frankly)

So what do they do? Unceremoniously get rid of people who have dedicated 20, 30, or 40 years to the company.

This is not a good time to live in New Fallujah. Not at all. I'll probably get in trouble for bashing the company that essentially signs my paycheck, but at this point? I don't care. I drive a Jeep, not a Chevy, for a reason.


I'm in a very dark place today, so please excuse the light posting.

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