Friday, February 29


That would be our U.S. Congress. Honestly- don't they have anything better to do (like, say, renewing the patriot act?) than investigate Roger Clemens?. Why is our government involved in sports? Are they having a slow week, or something? This is a matter for MLB, maybe an ambitious prosecutor, not the lawmakers of our country! As if they needed to look any more pathetic...

In other news, how about this story- a 26-year old National Guard sergeant wins $1 million and still wants to go back to Iraq for a third tour!

And speaking of Patriots, how about Prince Harry?

And in local news, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's text message scandal continues, with City Counsel asking for his resignation.

Kilpatrick, asked on WWJ-AM (950) whether he would resign, said: "Nah. Not at all. I don't even understand how that is really in the public discussion."

And he later told reporters, "I'll be here for as long as I can be here."

Ah, spoken like a true Democrat!

Happy Friday everyone.
Go Wings!!!

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