Thursday, February 21

Democrat Debate Reaction

First let me just say that after watching that "debate," I feel so moved, my eyes filling with New Hampshire-esque tears, by how nice and friendly both the candidates and moderators were! It was just so nice to see such civility, such nice, carefully broached "questions," such civil discourse! For the first time in my life, it made me proud to be an American!

Now, to the substance of the debate- and it was there! Hillary is so benevolent - she cares about little babies, especially if they were born to illegal immigrants, and small children sitting on stools! (especially if they happen to be from Ohio) And Obama wants change.

Hillary is going to fix our economy by implementing a "trade prosecutor." (His salary will be paid by repealing the tax cuts for the wealthy.) What a brilliant idea! I hope they impose stiff jail terms for any evil American companies who don't kowtow to the new trade prosecutor. That's just what America needs! And Obama wants change.

Hillary is also going to help by creating "clean, green jobs," funded by repealing the tax cuts from the wealthy (you know, those filthy rich families making over $75,000 a year). Doesn't that sound marvelous? Don't you wish your job was clean? Or at least green? I know I do. Oh, and Obama wants change.

Lastly, while Hillary is taken by the sentiment of the English language remaining "special" to all Americans, it should never be made our "official" language. Oh, no. Instead, we're going to teach every American child to be bi-lingual! And we'll pay for it by repealing those tax cuts for the rich. Mind, we aren't going to test any of these children to see if they really can speak another language, but we'll keep throwing money at the program indefinitely, because the teachers need our help more than the wealthiest one percent. Obama agrees with her on all of the above, and he wants change.

Wow! I hope I haven't missed anything. I was listening very hard, though I did faint a few times while Obama was speaking.

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