Monday, February 18

Presidents' Day

In the general theme of the below post, I'd like to point out a few things that I'm proud of President Bush for. He's never wavered from the goals he campaigned on, and the statements he made after 9/11 about encouraging and supporting democracy throughout the world. I know our media likes to gloat about how all of the socialist countries in western (a.k.a. "Old") Europe don't like our conservative, princiapled leader. But here are some places that do:

Kosovo declared their independence yesterday -and they're celebrating in the streets waving American flags. Here's another one. And another one. I like the ethnic dress in this one. One more. Aww, this man's cute.

(Now, I'm sure you'll see all of these images if you watch CNN tonight. Oh, nevermind - they only like to show the flag if it's burning! Forgot about that.)

Now check out all the American flags waving in Africa for our president. Oh, and they must think Dubya is a handsome fella or something, because his face seems to be everywhere - including on costumes and clothing... I sure will miss this man next year on Presidents' Day.

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