Monday, February 18

Props to Dubya

Has anyone even heard of President Bush's successful endeavors in Africa before now? I don't seem to recall it being reported often, especially by those "compassionate" liberals in the MSM, who seem to care more about helping poor, little, American-murdering terrorists than anyone really suffering and in need of our help (hmmm, say, like the Iraqis under Saddam Hussein).

President Bush is receiving warm welcome on his visit to Africa. (Don't worry, I'm sure we'll hear the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton praising Bush on all the evening talk shows tonight...) Unlike a liberal who just wants to throw money at the problem, Bush's aid has stipulations. And unlike a liberal, Bush is actually getting results.

Listen to this:

...there is widespread recognition of his successful humanitarian and health initiatives on the continent.

Bush has spent more money on aid to Africa than his predecessor, Bill Clinton, and is popular for his personal programs to fight AIDS and malaria and to help hospitals and schools.

Bush has stressed new-style partnerships with Africa based on trade and investment and not purely on aid handouts.

His Millennium Challenge Corp. rewards countries that continue to satisfy criteria for democratic governance, anti-corruption and free-market economic policies.

Bush signed the largest such deal, for $698 million, with Kikwete on Sunday.

Because of the U.S. anti-malaria program, 5 percent of patients tested positive for the disease on the offshore islands of Zanzibar in 2007 compared to 40 percent three years earlier, the Tanzanian leader said.

Bush's legacy in Africa would be saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of mothers and children who would otherwise have died from malaria or AIDS and enabling millions of people to get an education, he said.

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