Monday, February 25

Hockeytown Blues

This is getting comical, if it weren’t so painful to watch the Wings play two games this past weekend and score a total of one goal… We have FOUR defensemen injured! Four! Not sure I agree with Drapes that they’re our “best” four, but two of them are for certain. Add Cleary on top of that (broken jaw) and Hasek (being an old fart), and we might have to change our name soon to the Grand Rapids Wings…

In other news, we always enjoy a good derisive laugh at the Lions’ expense around here. This article pretty much sums things up.

It is the Lions' time of year. Other teams have the preseason; the Lions have the NFL scouting combine. Other teams have the regular season; the Lions have free agency. Other teams dream of the Super Bowl; the Lions point to the draft.... It is not surprising, then, that the Lions are more interesting right now than they are in a typical October.

Former offensive coordinator Mike Martz summed up the organization for all of us when he told reporters in Indianapolis, "I can't explain anything that they do."

Ah, well – at least we have the Pistons and the Tigers

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