Monday, February 18

Worst Presidents

We could learn a few things from these three - check out the American Thinker essay regarding America's Top (or should we say bottom) 3 Worst Presidents.

See if you can guess who they are:

#1 ...arguably has actually been as detrimental to freedom, democracy and the American ideal as during his catastrophic tenure.... ..... paving the way for the rise of Radical Islam now threatening the free world.

#2 ...apparently learning nothing from the failures....He kept to the Democrat status quo, asserting that slavery should be a matter for individual states and territories to decide for themselves. The Southern slaveholders, largely Democrats, approved..... still ignoring common sense and appeasing evil.....

#3 ...
his long lasting social policies which have had lasting, regressive, deadly effects.... [his] policies laid the groundwork for victicrats Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Inner cities and black America have been relegated to poverty and lack of incentive to succeed as a direct result of [his] socialist policies.

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