Thursday, April 19

Liberal Kook of the Week

Well, DP - I'm glad that Mr. Voight has a better grasp on the war in Iraq than Harry Reid.

It's a good thing Reid wasn't around during WWII to tell Hitler that we had lost the war before D-Day, or to let Jeff Davis and General Lee know that the war was lost before Gettysburg, or to inform the British that the Americans were surrendering prior Yorktown. (I believe our war for independence lasted 8 years, but who's counting? Had the Democrats been around then, we would have surrendered before the end of '76.)

Wars should be won completely and without question and nations rebuilt within a matter of months, not years. I say this, because Democrats were calling Iraq a "quagmire" and comparing it to their most beloved (because we lost) war in Vietnam within a month after Baghdad's fall.

Compare Reid's hopeful vision of our defeat to U.S. Army Brig. Gen. John F. Campbell's assessment of improvement in Iraq.

And Reid wants to cut off funding and hand our enemies a victory??? That's why he's earned this week's Liberal Kook of the Week honors.

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