Monday, February 19

Half Hour News Hour

Did anyone watch that new political satire show on Fox News? It was on last night at 10 eastern. Great show! It's about time conservatives finally have a comedic outlet. It's been way too long since the Daily Show had an alternative...

My favorite segment was the "six degrees of global warming" guy (who could tie any problem known to man to global warming in six degrees or less). Also liked the game show host/environmental expert who never showed up for his interview b/c his electric car couldn't make it up a low hill on the way to the studio. And the news ticker that ran on the bottom of the screen listed "Countries that still hate us." My favorite line was about how when Hillary wins the presidency she will make sure her staff is comprised of an overarching mix of diverse, multi-cultural, angry lesbians. Anyway - great show - don't miss it next time!

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