Friday, February 16


That's all I can say about this non-binding resolution the House passed today.

To sum it all up - rather than supporting the commander in chief and his generals and soldiers on the ground in Iraq, the Democrat-controlled Congress felt it was more important to embolden our enemies and vote on this meaningless resolution of condemnation. They care more about public opinion (which they and their friends in the MSM helped to create by their bashing of our president and the war in Iraq since day 1) than they care about our country's national security. They have offered no alternatives for achieving victory in Iraq (aside from cut and run), but they're real good with meaningless resolutions and lofty condemnation of the only real plan we have out there.

Well, our troops might be disappointed to hear about this, but at least they gave the Freak of Iran and all the little jihadists around the world something to celebrate.

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