Monday, February 12

The Liberal Music Awards

Yes, I think it's time the Grammy's officially changed their name to more accurately reflect their criteria for musical merit. It's apparently how liberal you are, more than the quality of your music - bonus points if you actually bash Bush in a song or concert! How else can you explain the Dixie Chicks cleaning house?

I flipped to the Grammy's and saw a minute segment in which they won country album of the year -over such competition as Josh Turner (undoubetly who the winner should have been, but then he didn't bash Bush in any of his songs and, worse, had a song about God on his album...) That was about all I could stomach last night.

Now I see they've won record and song of the year for "Don't want to make nice." Has anyone actually heard that song? (It's difficult, since most country stations, on feedback from their listeners, have decided not to play the new Dixie Chicks albums - seems even in "blue state" Michigan, country fans aren't too fond of the Chicks any more...) Had you heard that song you would know that it's not very good. Hardly song of the year; but then, they did bash the president... They also won overall album of the year (the first time a "country" band has done that since 1969).

Well, I guess the Dixie Chicks sure showed us! If only they didn't have to keep cancelling their U.S. concert dates...

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