Monday, February 5

Exploiting the Bears

Nice little post from a blog called that Rush read from in his show today. What will the devout global warming fear mongerers think of next?

Remember that picture of the poor suffering polar bears languishing away on a melting glacier? Just google "polar bears" + "global warming" and you'll see all of the doom and gloom stories about the endangered polar bears, instigated by this picture. A picture that was taken years ago by a woman, then used by the GW pinkos, who claimed they actually took the picture (that's misleading, if not an outright lie), to show the effect GW is having on the poor bears. Apparently, that ice formation was made by waves (anyone know how frickin' cold it has to be for ocean waves to freeze?); it is not the melting glacier the pinkos would have had us all believe...

In other news, yet another story about why it makes more sense that the sun is responsible for the whopping 1 degree rise in the earth's temperature over the last 100 years. (thanks for the link PCD)

Yea capitalism. I still love my SUV. Can't wait 'til it goes fuel cell, but I assure you that's more of a financial thing than from any fears I have of it hurting polar bears...

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