Thursday, February 8

Save Scooter!

Scooter Libby - the Left's current whipping boy because they just haven't been able to indict Karl Rove on anything, the Bush impeachment hearings haven't started yet, nor has Cheney's trial for death by stoning because he used to work in the oil business.

Poor Scooter isn't high profile enough and the charges against him are so convaluded that most Americans simply don't know or care what's happening to him.

Let's break it down - he's on trial for "leaking" the name of Valerie Plame and then "lying" about that supposed leak.

Important considerations:

1. Who the hell cares about Valerie Plame? She was not - I repeat NOT- undercover, nor had she been for like 7 years prior to her name being "leaked." Therefore, Libby did nothing illegal even if he had "leaked" her name because SHE WAS NOT UNDER COVER.

2. There were several people who knew about Plame being Joe Wilson's wife and getting him the Niger kick. So again, WHO CARES if he happened to mention her name to anyone? SHE WAS NOT UNDER COVER.

3. Is it as plausible that Scooter forgot who and when he first mentioned this inconsequential woman's name to a reporter as it is that Rodham didn't recall anything from her Whitewater days or that Clinton didn't recall getting oral pleasure in the Oval Office from a certain intern? Honestly - what would stand out more in your mind?

What goads me most about this entire ordeal is not just the ridiculous nature of the charges in general, but the media's revisionist history and blatant lies as they try to cast poor Scooter as the next Saddam Hussein (or the more evil Karl Rove). Ann brings to light their ridiculous lies in her latest post, the worst of which is these people still insisting that Saddam never tried to get yellowcake from Niger when our own CIA and bi-partisian Senate Intelligence Committee, as well as the British, all believe that yes, in fact, Saddam did try to buy Uranium from Niger.

So stick up for Scooter - stop the persecution!

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