Tuesday, December 19

Delusional Liberal Kook of the Week

We've missed Sean Penn lately! But he's back with this great award "acceptance" speech. Can you imagine if Republicans whined this much whenever someone like Sean Penn called them a name or disagreed with their policy? Wow. This is one angry individual, folks. Forget Hillary and Obama - Sean Penn should run for president! He has all the great ideas.

Personally, I'd like to see him reconnect with his creative side and focus more on acting than things he doesn't know what he's talking about. (Fast Times 2 - Spiconi Returns. If he actually smoked the pot to get in character for the role, I think it would benefit him immensely...) Or perhaps he could take a few classes in Constitutional law so he wouldn't sound like such a jackass. See, lying under oath - that's an impeachable offense. Going to war against an oppressive, murderous dictator who violated countless UN resolutions and the provisions from the treaty signed after the first Gulf War, who was actively trying to purchase uranium from Niger for the bomb and gave money to terrorist homicide bombers, in addition to letting terrorist training camps flourish in his country after we faced the worst attack ever on American soil by like-minded terrorists is not an impeachable offense.

But let's take a look at where this genius is coming from. I found this to be his most revealing statement:

I'm sure many people who I met in Baghdad, both in my trips prior to and during the occupation, now similarly cannot just look forward. With lives so entirely shattered by a violence of occupation - an ongoing U.S. war effort and the civil war that it has catalyzed. All on the back of a crumbled infrastructure, following eleven years of devastating U.N. sanctions...

So in Sean's view, not only is our "occupation" (you know, how our soldiers are putting their lives on the line so that the people of Iraq can build back their infrastructures, train their own army and police department, and flourish as all people deserve in a democratic system) wrong, but so were the "devestating U.N. sanctions." Apparently, he was cool with Saddam taking over Kuwait and didn't think we had any right to help an ally that was invaded by another country. (which -ahem,cough- has been U.S. policy since post WWI) Furthermore, Saddam should have suffered no reprecussions for his agressive invasion of Kuwait and all of the money spent and lives lost in the succeeding war. No, we were just supposed to ignore the provisions of the peace treaty that we signed with him. And shame on the U.N. for those sanctions, trying to stop a man who had already shown he had no qualms over going to war against his neighbors from acquiring bigger and badder weapons.

This isn't Neville Chamberlin, folks, this is a severe case of delusion. I would go so far to say that Penn's anger has started (or rather furthered) to affect his brain activity. Keep an eye on this one - he's liable to do something crazy(er).

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