Monday, July 31


As hard as it is for decent people to look at a picture of dead children, I encourage you to check out this link (as referenced on Rush today) demonstrating how Hezbollah is manipulating the media to win the PR war.

The only people who don't care about these dead children are the Hezbollah freaks over there. Remember, these are the same people who value human life so much that they train their children to strap bombs on their bodies and blow themselves up just to take out a few Israeli civilians. All of their attacks on Israel are directed at kiling civilians.

Of course, the MSM are so brainless they're happy to be manipulated by these freaks. (after all --isn't Bush supporting Israel? Ya-Ya-Hezbollah! Here we come!) The MSM isn't interested in pointing out Hezbollah atrocities against civilians that have taken place over the last 30+ years.

The reason you aren't seeing Israeli bodies paraded about for the camers is because (a.) that is disgusting and Israel has more respect for their dead and (b.) Isreal cares about their civilians enough to warn them to take shelter when attacks are coming in. They don't find the most concentrated civilian location to launch rockets from, hoping that their enemy will retaliate and kill those civilians in the area to give them some more good press.

Remember, there is only one side here who does not value human life. All in the cause of killing every Jew and American or other offensive Westerner. All in the cause of Islamo-dictatorships. Nothing else matters to these freaks. And shame on the rest of the world for not acknowledging that reality.

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