Thursday, July 20

Israel v. Terrorist Freaks Update

Ann makes a great point in reaction to this most recent Israel-Hezbollah war...

The fact that Israel is able to launch an attack on Hezbollah today without instantly inciting a multination conflagration in the Middle East is proof of what Bush has accomplished. He has begun to create a moderate block of Arab leaders who are apparently not interested in becoming the next Saddam Hussein.

Amen. It is surprising that most anti-semetic Euros are condemning Israel, yet its Arab neighbors have been much more cautious in their views of this conflict... Maybe we're still seeing the effects of Cowboy Diplomacy, after all....

Oh, and just in case you didn't know how delusional (or is it really anti-semetic?) the EU is, they don't feel it's necessary to add Hezbollah to their list of terror organizations. Honestly, I wish no ill will on anyone, but you hear stuff like that and a part of you can't help thinking --maybe if they wiped out one of your ships or embassies and killed hundreds of your people, you'd finally be able to face reality. A group that openly calls for the destruction of Israel and death and destruction to all Israelis and Americans and these guys don't consider them terrorists??? I'm beginning to think the Euros are nothing more than a bunch of freaks, too.

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