Monday, July 10

Delusional Liberal Kook of the Week

Hey-- guess what? Michael Moore is making another movie. This one apparently deals with health care issues in our country. (He's probably bemoaning why illegal immigrants are not immediately granted free health care the second they step over our border. At the very least, you know it will be dripping with his socialist utopian dreams in which working Americans have more of their money wrested away by the federal government and the quality of our health care drops down to that of countries who's wealthy or especially suffering come here for major surgeries.) If this new movie is as accurate and fairly portrayed as the war on terror was in his 9/11 comedy, I'm sure we're all in for real enlightenment.

Personally, even were it not for his long list of pathetic documentaries (Did anyone actually see Roger and Me?), a guy who looks like he consideres two Big Macs, a twinkie and some doughnuts a light snack and hasn't darkened the door of a gym since high school is the last person I'd give any credence to when it comes to an issue even remotely conncected with health care...

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