Tuesday, July 11

What a Week

Our thoughts and prayers go out to India, who suffered devestating terrorist attacks earlier this week.

The focus quickly shifted to Isreal, who is retaliating for Hezbollah freaks operating from southern Lebanon capturing two Isreali soldiers. The popular opinion seems to hold that the Hezbollah attack was either encouraged or orchestrated by the Freak of Iran, along with Syrian support. (Getting everyone riled up against Isreal is a nice distraction from Iran's support of insurgents in Iraq and quest for nuclear weapons, eh?) Personally, I don't think it would be a bad idea to do a little target bombing of Ahmadinejadorwhateverhisname's homes. (it worked with Kadafi...)

Just read a breaking news flash that oil's hit $78/barrel. Ouch...

On these happy notes, hope every has a good weekend. Who's your Tiger?

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