Thursday, July 27

Reality Check

We've covered it here before, but this is a nice, comprehensive list of Islamic freaks attacking Americans going back to 1979. Good fodder for delusional liberals who still think this war started on 9/11 or that Bush was in any way responsible for its inception. (Though I do think Dubya will definitely be a major player in its conclusion.)

On another note, I'm glad to see that Bush and Condi are still sticking to their guns in their support of Israel and condemnation of Hezbollah. Am I the only one who was amazed that the Saudis, Jordanians and Egyptians, instead of going along with Lebanon's condemnations of Israel, wanted to condemn Hezbollah in the Arab League meeting this past weekend?? Again, the effects of "cowboy diplomacy..."

Here's a great editorial summing up the favorable consequences of the Iraq war in the greater Middle East. Don't forget, it was Bush, Condi and their team that have had the vision, strength of character, and resolve to implement real change in a volatile region that has spawned American-Israeli hating terrorists for the past 30+ years.

An excerpt:

While the success of Iraq's democracy hangs in the balance from an operational perspective, the strategic advantages created by the invasion of Iraq are working very favorably for the U.S. in the current Israeli-Lebanon crisis in very tangible ways.

Were Saddam still in power, the Arab world would not feel nearly as threatened by Hezbollah, the Frankenstein's monster of Iran's creation. Instead, they would have sided with the Syrian foreign minister's strong support for Hezbollah. Saddam himself might even have offered cash rewards to anyone attempting martyrdom against the Jews.

Instead, they came to no consensus. The leading Arab League states, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, call Hezbollah's actions "inappropriate and irresponsible." This lessens the urgency of calls from the international community, whether the G8, U.N., or EU, for a ceasefire. That lessened urgency creates something very precious indeed: a moment in time and space wherein Israel has the most fleeting of opportunities for decisive action against Hezbollah, an avowed foe, a terrorist organization, and a constant threat to the security of its populace.

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