Friday, July 28

Happy Friday

A lot going on, but I'm definitely about ready to check out for the weekend...

AtlasShrugs is a great blog (link on the right) and definitely one of the best places for up-to-date information on the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. There's a nice video clip on there today of Hezbollah terrorists piling into the back on a U.N. van --also love the cartoon of "The Pirate of Turtle Bay." I was first drawn to the blog for its name --Atlas Shrugs is one of the greatest books of the 20th century-- now appreciate the rarity of perspective from a Jewish Republican in NYC. Considering there are probably 25 Republicans in the whole town to begin with, I don't know how she survives...

Condi has continued to amaze and impress me throughout this week, with her whirl wind world traveling and tough talk. And even the liberals have to love how she impressed all those foreign leaders at recent Asian security talks with her piano skills.

Looking forward to watching the Tigers this weekend --they face a tough series against the Twins. Who's your Tiger??

Let's hope for all our sakes that Kitna works out better than Joey did... (Why am I thinking about the Lions??? It's still July!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Even you liberals --smile! It's summer. And you can sleep safely knowing our president and military are looking out for us.

UPDATE: To add to our Friday joy, the Dow just had its biggest one week gain in 3 years...

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