Wednesday, July 19

Please, Condi!

Please reconsider your decision not to run. I know it means many more years of devoting your life to public service, but please recognize how much your country needs you!

That would be my hope, anyway, especially after this rather depressing poll about '08 presidential hopefuls.

The funniest thing about this article is its tone of surprise that Republicans don't approve of McCain. Are you kidding? He's about as Replubican as Jumpin' Jim and Arlen Specter. I have complete confidence he'd never get through the primaries. The only person I know who actually likes McCain is my WWII vet grandfather (a lifelong democrat, by the way, who is simply too disgusted by everyone else in his party at the moment and therefore has turned to the more moderate democrat hiding in ours...).

I like Guiliani a lot --he would definitely be the candidate most likely to attract undecided or "centrist" voters. Yet I also have concerns how he would do with the base. And we know that for Republicans to win, their base has to show up and vote.

I like Newt and Jeb, but the former I couldn't see as our prez. and the latter would never stand a chance, at least not in '08. (Could you imagine the liberal fury? Oh, no! You're running Hitler's brother now!?!?!) Then there's Frist --wow, what leadership. I love how we control both houses of congress and the White House and we still can't hardly get anything passed. He's as wavering and wimpy as they come. No, thanks. Romney seems like a good guy, though I don't know much about him...

So aside from Condi, our classy and brilliant stateswoman and spokesperson for our country, this doesn't look so good. Granted, we still have two years...

But then I looked at the Democrat list and I feel a lot better now. How many old, washed up losers could they find? Algore? Are you serious? Well, now that he's in with Hollywood, I guess I should be afraid. They helped so much in the last election... (actually, they did, just not who they inteded to help.)

And Kerry? That flip-flopping, medal-throwing, hampster kissing, Lurch-faced loser is actually still dreaming of the presidency? Surely you jest?

And then there's the shrill-voiced shrew who would not be tamed -Kate, I mean Hillary Rodham. Do I really need to go there?

But the most hilarious thing about this poll was that Edwards --John Edwards!-- tops the list as most favorable to Democrats. Can anyone name one thing Edwards has done (aside from chasing ambulances) for this country? Any major legislation he's pushed through? Policy breakthroughs he's championed? He's been a Senator for what, 6 years?? But you never know, he might by our most formiddable challenger, assuming that a vast majority of Americans will vote for that winning smile...

Well, there's still this November to get through, but it is fun to look ahead...

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