Tuesday, April 4

Smack that cop for me, smack that cop for me...

Hey--I just thought of new lyrics for an Eminem song!

It's official; the police have submitted their case against the slap-happy congresswoman. We can now all wait with baited breath to see if charges against McKinney will be filed. Last night she made a spectacle of herself on cable news shows throwing race cards like a drunken gambler down to his last chip.

Congress will likely issue a statement condeming McKinney's actions and supporting the Capitol Hill police. Not even her fellow Democrats are standing by her on this one... Seems they see this entire incident as a "distraction."

Personally, I don't know what could be more important in U.S. politics and world events. It's almost as crucial to the survival of our democracy as Dick Cheney's shooting incident. At the very least, it should dominate headlines for another few weeks.

(More on this culture of violence and corruption: McKinney violates Congressional rules...)

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