Wednesday, April 5

Listen up, ladies.

How familiar is this scenario:

You marry a guy, then divorce him. (after he shoots someone in a parking lot for allegedly kissing you or something like that) After the divorce he runs around getting into trouble and writes a song about killing you which becomes a big hit.

(and somewhere along the way you discover black lip liner and beige lipstick - and don't let it GO no matter what everyone tells you)

After a while, you realize you need a thuggish mental midget in your life - nevermind that because of his fame and fortune (and by his own bragging) he's slept with every stripper, hooker, and groupie from Rhode Island to Seattle - you decide to marry him again.

Now, three months later, you're divorced again.

Sound familiar? No? Me neither.
Such is the really insipid story of Marshall and Kim Mathers.

(post inspired by my best friend. Who has the good taste to be a fan of Kid Rock the good Republican bad boy instead of Eminem, the bleached wannabe poseur and rabid Bush hater...)

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