Thursday, March 16

Miscellaneous Thursday...

NEWSFLASH!! Bush is proven to be the reincarnation of Hitler. No, really. Go look! There are pictures!!

This? Is disgusting. For pete's sake, this woman is an absolute embarassment.

Buddy the wonder dog. Don't ask. I was mesmerized.

Yeah, yeah, okay fine. Politics. Guess what? More documents have been translated. And guess what? Saddam and Al Qaeda had ties. *feigning suprise* I wonder if this will shut ANYONE up? Yeah, you're right. Probably not. Especially when yesterday I posted about some of the translated documents uneqivocably stating that Bush didn't, in fact, lie about anything - we get a comment like this:
"Ummm... "newly discovered information", in other words, it was unknown before??

I have never called Bush a liar, sure I criticize him (that's my job as a responsible citizen). But it sounds like you are justifying a lie, because in the end, he may have been right."

Ummmm...WHAT? If anyone speaks Moonbat, please translate this for me. Thank you.

Also please see the Anchoress' roundup.

On a happier note, a supplier of mine just gave me chocolate. Lots of it. AND...there are chocolate chip cookies in the office kitchen. Makes for a happy pregnant lady. (FAT pregnant lady...but happy all the same)

Speaking of which, can you all believe yours truly is EIGHT and a HALF months along? And I'm finally looking it. For the last 8 months nobody believed I was pregnant. Guess all those years of teaching boxing and working out and whatnot paid off...even though I've been a lazy slug since I found out I was expecting. Hope this means I'll be back looking halfway decent (minus 35 pounds) in no time? Yes? What's that? Oh, fine. Hey, it's my lie, I'll tell it however I want.

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